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How can I remodel my bathroom ?

If you desperately need to remodel and update your bathroom, but don’t have the budget or time for a full scale project, there are quite a few simple ways that you can give your bathroom a whole new look without tearing down a wall or laying new tile. The main rule is to focus on décor and other small things that take minimal effort to change.

1. Add plants. Plants, whether real or fake, can make any area feel more cozy, help put you in touch with nature while you are soaking in your tub, and give your bathroom an elegant look. If your bathroom is larger, you have the freedom to have large plants or even hanging plants. For bathrooms with less space, a small bouquet or two of brightly colored flowers may be your best option.

2. Replace your old faucets. With the new styles that come out year after year, your faucets can get outdated quickly. Replacing your faucets with a newer model is a great way to quickly and easily modernize your bathroom and give it the attractive look you desire. There are many styles to choose from and you can find something to accommodate any bathroom décor. The best place to begin your search is at

3. Change your towel bars. Simple, yet practice, your towel bars can help add a whole new dimension to your bathroom. Even if you always have elegant towels hanging on them, there is still a lot to show off. You can choose from bars that accommodate one hand towel, multiple full-sized towels, and even find bars to perfectly match your new faucets and other fixtures.

4. Buy new rugs and a shower curtain. This is an idea that will change up your bathroom just a little and give you some variety. Even if you are on a very limited budget, you can get a large rug, small rug, toilet rug, and toilet cover for under $30. A matching shower curtain will likely cost you $10 more. Of course, if your budget allows, high priced rugs and shower curtains will feel better, look better, and last longer.

5. Redo the calking. One of the first things to become noticeably dirty and dingy in a bathroom is the calking. It is hard to get clean and begins to look off white, gray, or yellow within no time. If your calking is noticeably less white than your tiles, you can get an instant ‘just remodeled’ look by replacing the old calking with new calking.

6. Apply a fresh coat of paint. Your walls are one of the first things people see when they enter your bathroom. Whether you want to completely change the color or just give it a fresh coat of brand new white paint, repainting your bathroom is a great way to make it look new all over again.

7. Pick out a new mirror. Putting a new mirror in your bathroom can also give it a different flare. There are tons of sizes and styles to choose from. Go with funky or classic, hang several small mirrors or one large one, or choose one with a thin border or a wide border.

8. Hang a picture. If you are going for elegance, hanging a beautiful picture or two will liven up your bathroom and give your guests something aesthetically pleasing to look at. They don’t have to be expensive (you can find some nice ones for $10) and you can even use them to give your bathroom a theme. For example, during Christmas time you may want to choose Christmas or ‘snowy’ themes or choose flower themes during spring.

9. Explore vases. A nice crystal vase, filled with colorful flowers, can make a nice center piece for your bathroom vanity. Whether you prefer thin and tall vases or small and chunky vases, having one in your bathroom will definitely give it that elegant feel.

10. Install new lighting. Although this is will likely be the hardest project on our top ten list, it is still much easier than other bathroom remodeling projects. The neat thing about lighting is that just adjusting it can give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Although installing a new lamp may do the job, you may want to consider installing track lighting, so that you can change up your bathroom everyday.

These simple, yet useful, ideas can give your bathroom the updated and fresh look you need, without breaking the bank or requiring your family to use the neighbor’s bathroom for a few weeks. You won’t have to pour a lot of time and effort into your project, plus it will allow you to give your bathroom a personal style and make it “your own”.

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  1. Dan Fritschen said :

    Other tips include replacing the shower curtain, refinishing the tub and putting a fiberglass bathtub surround OVER the existing tile. These can all help make a bathroom look a lot better on a budget.

    But bathroom remodels dont have to be expensive and in many cases the money spent in remodeling or even adding a bathroom can be gained back in appreciation of the home due to the changes. The calculator at will give you an estimate of the cost to remodel as well an estimate of what you home could appreciate.


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