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How did people use to do those DIY tattoos with ink?

What do you use the thread for?

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11 Responses to “How did people use to do those DIY tattoos with ink?”

  1. zanthus500 said :

    you can attach a ball point pen to a battery and make a tatoo machine. Its amazing what people can come up with.

  2. Gallery of suicide... said :

    Sharpened tooth-brush and Indian ink

  3. Fus1on said :

    Needle and pen ink, guitar strings, or just a sharped point.

  4. sid b said :

    A bottle of indian ink and a needle…..

  5. Nyssa said :

    With a single needle and ink. I don’t suggest trying it, it is a very unhygienic and painful process, and (quite frankly) turns out really ugly and stupid looking.

  6. Tina N said :

    people do some weird things… you can do it with a needle and thread and indian ink, construct a little tattoo machine out of something, idk lots of random crap. its not healthy though.

  7. Jaquline said :

    i know this one girl who would cut herself and then rub pen ink in it

    highly sanitary right?

    after it heals it looks decent

  8. Finn said :

    You sterilize a needle and wrap string around it toward the bottom so only the tip of the needle is showing, it works as a stopper so you don’t poke too hard. Then you get india ink, black. Rub your skin with alcohol where the tattoo will be. Have some paper towel that is wet close by for the extra ink and blood. Dip the needle in the ink and poke yourself repeatedly until you have your tattoo. Make sure you draw out your tattoo first, you don’t want to improv on that one. I have a couple decent ones but I highly suggest going to a tattoo shop and getting a professional one over doing it yourself. I knew a girl in highschool who was covered with those things, not good!

  9. Timmy S. said :

    in asian ancient cultures they used to heaten up a needle then dip it’s head into ink and then stick it under the skin!

  10. Miss D said :

    DIY tattoos are for people who aren’t smart enough to go to a professional tattoo artist, with auto clave or hyrdro clave sterilization, clean single use needles etc.

    No matter how “cool” this might seem at the moment, I GUARANTEE in 20 years you will not be singing the same tune.

    Not only are you risking quality you are risking your health.

    Hep C, AIDS and other bloodborn pathogens are just WAITING to infect the absent minded

  11. bebishenron said :

    a needle and ink. simple. my mum and her mates have them, they never used any thread.
    the old style tattooists used a small stick with (i believe) bone points and another stick to tap it into the skin.


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