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How do I build stairs with a landing ?

Planning and building stairs with a landing is very easy, just as easy as making regular stairs. In building stairs with landing, you will need a skilsaw, 2x12s, carpenter’s square, tape measure, stair risers and stair treads.

Stairs with landings need to be measured and built as two different stairways. This is the major difference between their counterparts without landings. It may sound confusing, but it is actually very easy to do.

First, you need to get the measurement of the stairs height from the bottom floor to the second floor. This is how you can get the exact height of each stairs. Let us say that the height of the first to the second floor is 108 inches, divide it by seven and you will get 15.428. This gives you 15 risers and again, we divide 108 by 15 and we have 7 3/16 inches, which is the exact riser height needed.

After getting the exact riser height, we need to measure the landing. For example, you want to start your landing at thirty inches; you need to measure the height of the landing in accordance to the height of the risers. Like the 7 inches riser height that we have, the landing should be square box with the height like 21 or 28 inches depending how many steps you want before he landing. This formula guaranteed great result and your landing will perfectly fit your stairs.

Now, let us start taking basic stair measurements. Depending on the risers’ measurements, use a carpenter’s square to mark the two by twelve and use a skilsaw to cut it after the getting the measurements. After you cut your first stringer, you can use it as your outline for the rest of the stringers needed. You can make it easier by building the stairs, landing first, then, hang the upper stringers, and frame the landing with plywood and position treads in the stair stringers. There, you have your stairs with landing.

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