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How to I improve my DIY skills?

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21 Responses to “How to I improve my DIY skills?”

  1. bender said :

    buy a screw driver

  2. anthony p said :

    read up and practise

  3. Kris L said :

    Do It Yourself … practice, practice, practice. If your DIY ‘project’ is one you can take a class in, you might want to do that … but if it’s something you can’t, then just keep ‘practicing’ and look at each ‘version’ for improvements you can make, and eventually you’ll get better.

  4. i`ve dropped me bate said :

    get someone else to do it..

  5. LESLIE Jag2406 said :

    It,s all a matter of trial & error start on a small project
    then work your way up taking your time & learning
    by your mistakes.We all have to start somewhere.
    Good Luck

  6. shanayie said :

    read diy books. practice makes perfect.

  7. Vicki R said :

    Home Depot and probably other stores of that type have free workshops. Check their website or call. They even have some they call Do It Herself Workshops.

  8. infobod said :

    lots of practise and enthusiasm that doesn’t wean when things go wrong

  9. chrisbell3 said :

    hi…go to this site…and learn…then practice…i use it all the time

  10. davy said :

    As the others have said you could read up on it and practice but if you are unwilling to do this you could perhaps sign up for at college or night school for a course on joinery or carpentry or whatever DIY interests you the most.

  11. b said :

    Volunteer to do projects on someone else’s house before doing crap on your own. Find habitat sites.

  12. johnny boy said :

    I asked an old carpenter for help once, his wisdom was “all there is to it is to do it”. I think that fits your question.

  13. uncle bob said :

    The skills come from repetition, practice is the only way. Some people think that a book or website is the key, it helps. But you do need a mechanical aptitude to get to be any good. It is all in knowing what steps to take and when to take them, and that only comes from experience.

  14. Dionysia C said :

    Wickes supply Good Idea Leaflets that are free with loads of tips and guides for projects.

  15. stephen eblue eyes said :

    buy a good book

  16. board_stretcher_66 said :

    First of all you have to want to do it for the right reasons. If you are just trying to save money you may find it doesn’t always work out that way. Be prepared to make some mistakes and pay for them. But make sure you learn from them, that is know what went wrong and how to make it right. Buying a how-to book should make you want to stop on the way home to read some of it.The internet is a well of information on stuff like this. Take your time and get a good grasp on the task ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions, even if it makes you feel dumb.
    When your looking for answers, whether it’s a book or a web site, always find more than one example of what you are trying to do. Three separate sets of instructions on how to do one thing will always give you a clearer picture of what needs to be done.
    Have the right tools and learn how to use them properly.
    Be safe, it’s hard to install a ceiling fan with one arm.

    Oh yeah, practice, put the Do-It in DIY and your skills will grow exponentially.

  17. karlam0103 said :

    A handy Tip. Only do Jobs where you can justify (to your wife) buying a new tool. It wont take long before you have an extensive range of tools (toys) 😉
    But seriously the more projects, you do the better your skill level, and ALWAYS get the best advice from professionals.
    Good Luck and Work Safe.

  18. uhm911 said :

    There are some great free websites that offer totally free advice and tutorials on DIY.

    I use

    Most of the time as it coveres a wide variety of subjects and also has an help forum, for when you get stuck!

  19. racer 51 said :

    read-practice–repeat. thats the best way i’ve found. sorry, no magic words. i wish there were

  20. Sandee said :

    That’s an easy one! Leave the jobs for someone else to do and then you can say you are a DIWhy expert.

  21. svcremodeler4u said :

    To improve your skills in what area framing, finishing, etc
    Learn first the basic of using hand tools; learn how to operate power tools.
    This things are skill by themselves and you need to learn the safety first.
    I would go to home depot start with reference books get started with one subject at a time
    Starting small project such as painting removal of wallpaper etc. ask question at home depot they have many section plumbing, painting, roofing and more. I know they will be happy to help you but go there in the afternoon when they are not busy.
    If you have a specific question I will be happy to answer you.


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