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I have put up a DIY bed?

with a seat pull out bed, and a desk. The problem is i seem to have screwed my hand to it, i have dropped the screw gun and can’t bend down to pick it up. Any suggestions

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6 Responses to “I have put up a DIY bed?”

  1. darkknightfalls said :

    Stay there, you’ll be fine!

  2. Patricia M said :

    So, apparently you’re not too good at screwing. Any damage to the furniture?

  3. Drew G said :

    Obviously you can still reach your keyboard.

    Email a friend to come help you (if you have any)

  4. kicker said :

    wear the bed as a glove and if you can, staple your head to it as well ,and then you would also have a smart hat. you could start a new fashion even though its kind of a vivian westwood creation, but pretty original night attire too….

  5. steve c said :

    stop cluttering a sensible website
    staple your other hand to the bed, then your gob

  6. Jamie R said :

    Get in and go to sleep until you are found….


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