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Is the hair bleach used in salons different to the bleach used in DIY hair bleaching kits?

And is this why people recomend goin to a professional rather than DIY?

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8 Responses to “Is the hair bleach used in salons different to the bleach used in DIY hair bleaching kits?”

  1. SundaeG1rl said :

    If you’re talking highlights and solid bleaching, then it’s the same stuff. They recommend you go to a hairdresser because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could burn your scalp, turn your hair orange or just make it fall out.

  2. psych_78 said :

    No they use the same stuff!! People just recommend going to a professional because they know what they are doing!! But I say if you know how to get the mix right and feel competent enough to bleach your own hair then there is nothing wrong with doing yourself!!

  3. Noelle said :

    They use higher quality chemicals and they are trained to do things to peoples hair…..why go to them? They’re called Professional for a reason

  4. Banshee Babe said :

    After watching my friend “try out” so many ways of changing her hair colour with one hell of a lot of cock-ups I have gathered information off various friends who are hair technicians and hairdressers, etc.

    They say that hydrogen peroxide is the only thing that can reliably bleach your hair and you won’t find that in any of the boxed sets on the shelf – you’re more likely to see it on shelves in an ugly bottle with just Hydrogen Peroxide on it – its usually towards the bottom shelf and is dirt cheap, people are probably put off a little thinking that it’s cheap and nasty and it can be – it is this bog standard product, not the ones with the trilly bits addeds that is used in salons, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of as recent legislation has led to it, supposedly, being taken off supermarket shelves due to the fact that it is an ingredient that can be used in the manufacture of bombs!?!

    The reason people advise others to go to a salon is they know exactly what they are doing and know how long to leave product on for the best effect, know where to put it for the best effects depending on hair type, length etc.

    If you want to bleach your hair hydrogen peroxide is going to do the trick – it will literally burn the natural colour/pigment from your hair and leave it virtually white! People with fine hair could end up with their ends frazzling off!

    If you want to colour your hair a lighter colour then obviously the box sets are the way to go – but in my friend’s experience this is where all the problems occur!

    Good luck!

  5. gimba69 said :

    Yes it’s different and hairdressers train for 2 years minimum so they should know what there doing, most people that diy there hair with bleach send it yellow

  6. marg_harborne said :

    please don’t listen to banshee-babe, us hairdressers DO NOT rely on hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair! hydrogen peroxide is just a carrier- it is “developer” it is used in conjunction with either bleach (to lighten hair) or colour (to either darken or tone hair) it basically just opens up the hairshaft to allow the bleach or colour to develop properly, without it then the bleach would just sit on the hair without penetrating and when washed would just wash straight off. ALL OTC bleaches and colours do contain hydrogen peroxide (hence why you have to mix either 2 bottles or a bottle and a tube together) ususally what is in the bottle is hydrogen peroxide, sachets are bleach and tubes are colour. OTC bleach is not any different to bleach used in salons. bleach is bleach and the only variations are the colours of bleach (some are left naturally white and some are tinted either blue or violet) and there are different levels of peroxide used, 20vol is sufficient for doing a whole head of lightening or colouring but then 40vol is used for highlights (this is because 40vol cannot touch the scalp else it would burn but it speeds up the lightening process so can be used during highlighting as nothing touches the scalp- only the hair) but peroxide has no lightening ability whatsoever, it is just purely DEVELOPER.

  7. Irshad said :

    Yes it’s different. People just recommend going to a professional because they know what they are doing!!!

  8. Vivien said :

    Do you really want to risk your hair falling out !! – I would never do that myself – keeping my hair on my head means too much to me !!!


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