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Is your neighbor doing DIY this morning ?

Did he wake you up ?
Do you have horrible thoughts about murdering him ?

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11 Responses to “Is your neighbor doing DIY this morning ?”

  1. JEANETTE S said :

    no it was me sorry gill and graham

  2. Chadders said :

    Not if he wants to live. lol

  3. kevin p said :

    not this week makes a change

  4. wheeliebin said :

    I’m usually the one who practises DIY, but I don’t make a noise until after 9 o’ clock. Have a great day.

  5. ¸.•*´`*♥ slender slim ♥*´`*•.¸ said :

    neighbor? what neighbor live in the country lovely and birds singing what a lovely sound.

  6. LYNNSGARETHS said :

    yes my neighbour is but so am i.

  7. Mr_Jorrocks said :

    Hey there Guybrush Threepwood!
    Oddly enough, yes.
    Why they choose to use the “hammer action” drill at 9AM on a Sunday is beyond me.

    Still, no horrible thoughts of murder and they’re competing on fairly even terms with the church bells, so I can’t complain too much. I’ll just go for a nice long walk.


  8. monkeyspanky2007 said :

    Yeah….Ha Ha Ha!
    I had some jerky neighbors below me once….Real bad people who caused me problems. And my sleep schedule is across the board.
    I broke out with the bandsaw and skillsaw…started working on my hobby one morning at 3:30AM! Ha Ha Ha!
    Did you piss them off or something?

  9. DIY Doc said :

    LOL, that would have been at approx. 4:50 AM, EST. my neighbors aren’t that energetic or DIY passionate

  10. Jarrold said :

    Not to-day. All is quiet. It’s freezing outside. I’m just going to get a log fire going in the lounge and curl up with the tv.

  11. Yumyumthemonkeyqueen said :

    My neighbors aren’t now but they seem to think every spring through fall they can build things and rip them down by using the loudest things possible and allow the wind to blow thier debris in whom evers yard with out cleaning it up. I enjoy sitting on my porch sometimes watching them. It seems apparent to me that they have no idea how to DIY but that does’nt stop them from building. It’s fun to watch them over a nice cup of coffee with my cd player over my ears. alot of time, they all juat stand around trying to make movements as if they know exactly what they’re doing but realy they are apparently stuck copuse they just keep walking around, pointing, spitting and wiping thier foreheads. (They aren’t on break while this is going on.) It’s an interesting hobby to watch. Not very exciting though since they are all unnatractive. I hope they get some new help this year. tee-hee everyone likes to watch sweaty guys work. ha LOL


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