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My husband wants to start up a wood refinishing business…?

…He is from Canada and his family business has specialised and been very successful in refinishing wood, so for example, if someone has an old wooden table, or wooden furniture, like in pubs and homes etc, then rather than them purchase new furniture, they come to my husband and have the furniture they have refurbished like new again.
What do people on here think of the idea and do you think it will work in the UK?
Thanks in advance.

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One Response to “My husband wants to start up a wood refinishing business…?”

  1. NextMove said :

    It could work but I can only think of one reason why it won’t work.

    People often want to replace old furniture, why would they want to refinish existing furniture when they can just go ahead and buy new one.

    But then again… quite a few people prefer to have existing furniture for a long time due to how expensive it was and how it fits in with all the decorations of the room.

    Oh and remember people can also do this task by themselves. Would they really pay for something which they can do?

    I don’t know anything about Canada so I can’t compare but the UK is facing a credit crunch so people will probably prefer not to buy new things.

    Hope my answer helped. Good luck with what ever decision you make.


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