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My shower was installed DIY by the previous houseowner. The floor is becoming bendy/soft in patches?

Any idea what the problem is and any idea what to do about it? I am worried about cracking the base.

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7 Responses to “My shower was installed DIY by the previous houseowner. The floor is becoming bendy/soft in patches?”

  1. 71cooldude said :

    Get a good plumber out as it sounds as though you have a leak, one that has gone on for some time if your floor is soft/bendy, and get him to check out the plumbing fittings and also the seal/grout around the tiles. It may be that a fitting is leaking or maybe the silicone seal just needs re-doing but either way it needs sorted as it sounds as if your floor is rotting.

  2. shaneo said :

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  3. Firing said :

    A plumber is definitely needed first off, but it’s not always a leaking pipe but cracks in the tiling and grouting which can be a cause of damp. Also problems with the roofing in that part of the house can be a cause also – but not usually.

    Secondly you will have to basically rip the shower apart to get rid of all the rot, repair any mouldy and bad wood and get things redone.

    This kind of thing has to be done properly or you will just be hiding the damage which is set to continue.

  4. Helen said :

    Fear of causing damage is what stops almost everybody tackling building problems themselves . A builder on the other hand just rips everything out straight off because he knows that once it is done he has no other option but to repair it .

    Take it apart you will be far more careful than a builder so if it’s going to break a builder would break it to , if it does then you will have to replace it regardless of who breaks it .

    Get stuck in and you will be amazed at what you can actually do yourself , and when its fixed you will feel so proud you will be searching the house for more problems to fix .

    Hope this helps good luck .

  5. alan bz said :

    check the sealant round the the base and tiles

  6. nudangler said :

    Quite obviously a leak,but you really need to find out where from.dismantle carefully after isolating the supplies,remove the tray and see if you can resolve the leak yourself,if not get someone who can.
    You then need to remove what sounds like a chipboard floor and replace it, no short cures by the sound of it.

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