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new kitchen help please any diy enthusiasts?

my husband has fitted a new kitchen, (well it was second hand but still great!) however we need the kick boards any thoughts on where to but them, also want the splash boards to match work surfaces but cant find splash boards anywhere, would prefer that to tilin any help really appreciated, thanks
ace help bilbo but if the work surfaces are used as splash backs what is the safest way to attach them!

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5 Responses to “new kitchen help please any diy enthusiasts?”

  1. Bilbo said :

    For the kick boards – depends what finish you want. The usual ones are melamine – you buy white contiboard from most diy chains in suitable widths eg 6 inches – use it edged side to the floor to avoid the core getting when you wash the floor. Where I have done the splashback to match the worktop I have just got more worktop and used that – the thickness is disguised by the wall cupboards that sit on the top. It is quite a difficult job getting hold of sheet laminate these days. Other options are coloured glass or stainless steel – but depends what the rest of the ‘good as new’ kitchen looks like.


    The splashbacks – sit on the counter at the back on a nice , ribbon of sealant of matching colour and are glued (Gripfix) to the wall. If your cupboards don’t all mask the top edge you need a lipping of some sort – and you can screw through the top edge down into the wall – but I have never found that necessary. We cut holes through for the sockets etc and pulled the mounting boxes forward to take account of the thickness. It really does make cheap worktops look quite classy – and the kitchen a bit more spacious.

  2. maz22 c said :

    My kitchen cupboards are pine (old I know), what I did was bought wood in width and length required and stained them to match, it doesn’t matter if they are not a perfect match as they are low down

  3. survivor said :

    I don’t know what you mean about the kick-boards. They are at the base of the cupboards, set back a little from the doors. Can you get someone to make you some splash-backs to match your work surfaces. I don’t know if you have melamine, but if so it is easy enough to get matching splash-backs.

  4. taxed till i die, said :

    If you are in the uk

  5. I got wood said :

    Matching kick boards best best hill panels

    Matching splashbacks search for a stockist


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