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What is a bandsaw ?

A bandsaw is a woodworking machine driven by two wheels with continues band. Unlike the reciprocating saw, which moves back and forth from the material that is being cut, it has a cutting teeth running in a nonstop loop. Commonly, the bandsaw in vertical, and the material is fed in the machine.

The bandsaw is perfect for cutting boards into two or more parts, stacked cuts and curved or irregularly-shaped cuts. A bandsaw can cut in angles and mitered. However, the cuts are not as precise as a table saw.

The adjustments of the blade and tension are the most vital step in using a bandsaw. These steps determine the accuracy in cutting as well as preventing broken blades. The blade’s quality is also important. A cheap or poorly welded blade can easily break. You can reduce the possibility of breaking the blade by using the most widest blade possible for a certain cut and avoid feeding the wood too quickly for it may also cause the blade to break.

Simple steps in performing a cut is adjusting the blade, using a fence to guide the material through, transferring a line to the board to make a clean cut and working slowly. You can also use the same process in stacked cutting, but make sure that the pieces are tightened and stacked perfectly. You can make curve freehand and without the use of the fence.

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