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What is a wet tile saw ?

An ideal cutting tool for ceramic tiles is the wet tile saw. Even though the blades appear dull, the result will give you a clean, smooth cut. A table-lifted, handy wet tile saw enables you to cut tile, as they are required to precise specifications. The saw combines a round blade, comparable to a wood table saw, with a water hose and pump to flood the cutting area continuously with water, lessen friction and cool the surface.

Due to the brittleness of a ceramic tile, cutting requires a special tool which is specifically made for the task. A regular round saw commonly used for cutting wood and metal would eventually heat up and snatch or break the tile. Cutting ceramic tile does not necessarily mean requiring sharp blades but precision, patience and technique. The development of the wet tile saw addresses all these distinct properties of ceramic. It does not over heat, it uses rather dull blade without serrations, can be carried to a job site, and installed over and existing sawhorses or table.

A wet tile saw pounds a channel through the tile. Diamonds or crystal sands are the main components used for cutting a ceramic tile. The round blade is fitted with a plastic hose that splatters the blade and tile surface with a stable stream of cool water. This hose is connected to a submersible water pump that sits in a big container of water like a 5-gallon bucket. Whenever the motor of the saw is on, the pump also supplies a cooling jet. The excess water and dust falls into a catch tub.

Taking the exact measurements of the part to be cut is the first step in cutting a ceramic tile. Normally, cuts are made along the perimeter, around the electrical outlet or in a corner. Put markings on the full-sized tile using a grease pencil. Regular wet tile saw can cut about a foot long in a tile. However, if your tile is bigger, you can rent a saw big enough  for cutting the tiles.

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