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What’s the best way to diy soundproof a room?

3mx3m. I need no interruption or distractions. Is the eggbox method option the only way?

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5 Responses to “What’s the best way to diy soundproof a room?”

  1. nick said :

    You can try this website:

    Nothing will help much if there’s a stereo playing blast blast next door though!

  2. AWOL said :

    My husband used to work for a company delivering washing machines, cookers etc…. he saved up all the polystyrene packaging – ie polystyrene blocks approx the size of the side of a washing maching, and about 4 – 6 inches thick… then used them to line the entire room, apart from the floor, on which he put several thick rugs (we were in a cottage, it would be much harder to soundproof the floor of a flat!). It worked really well, and we just hung huge wall hangings around the room so you couldn’t see the polystyrene.

    The reason we did this was so he could play the drums in there and I could be in the other rooms without getting deafened… it also stopped all the echoes in that room so the drums sounded really good.

    PS – you could also try investing in a good pair of earplugs… once they are in you don’t notice them at all and they are really effective.

  3. georgewarren93 said :

    You could have the interior walls insulated, with a good blown in insulation.Typically only your exterior walls are insulated.Yes styrofoam egg cartons work good but they are unsightly. You could also add one more layer of drywall, but then you end up moving all your jboxes and have to retape and bed and then add texture

  4. prince_2b_princess said :

    if it is a rental home you could by the bed matting and cover the wall but if it is your home black board with fanfold behind it

  5. justin said :

    I think Egg boxes are a fire safe hazard.
    The main elements to sound isolation are mass, damping, absorption and decoupling and drywall is a good soundproofing material. During my research I also came across QuietRock, which is a soundproofing drywall. It has more mass and damping capabilities and provides a higher STC and best of all it is cheap ($35) and available at Lowes.


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