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DIY – How to make a home made version of vaporess/scented water for ironing?

Any one have a DIY receipe? I find the pre bought ones last two mins?! . . . Thanks

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8 Responses to “DIY – How to make a home made version of vaporess/scented water for ironing?”

  1. Amber Bailey said :

    Tried making rosewater by infusing water with crushed petals? It gives off a really gorgeous, clean and light scent.

  2. kellie r said :

    buy the esscense you want and add a few drops to the water just saw it on how clean is your house

  3. oh laura said :

    Mix a little of your favorite fabric softener with water in a spray bottle.

  4. ELAINE R said :

    You could try a small drop of Zoflora perfumed disinfectant.
    Its about £1.30 but smells lovely when diluted.

  5. debbie t said :

    I buy Boots body sprays in pump action bottles. When a bottle is finished, I top it up with water and there is still loads of scent left. I then use it as an air-freshener or as a spray when ironing.

  6. Jacquie D said :

    you can use cooled boiled water and petals from flowers like you probably did when you used to be a kid and make perfume or was that just me? I always used to use roses. Failing that you could just use cooled boiled water and forget the fragrance. Vaporesse hasn’t existed for that long and we always used to manage perfectly well without it and if you use fabric conditioner which will make your clothes smell nice you really don’t need vaporesse. I think it’s just a marketing ploy that all us over keen women have been sucked into. Just go for it – sack the vaporesse – I bet it makes no difference at all.

  7. Gemma R said :

    I use a couple of drops of my favourite insence oil , I use Ylang Ylang oil in about 500ml of water

  8. twinkle said :

    Here’s mine..! I use lavender oil dilluted in distilled water… Such a magical smell while you’re ironing. The good thing about it too is that you don’t have use it all the time cos the iron retains the scent even with simple water after a few uses. I like ironing so I do alot of it. Although, I find most guys get really turned-on when they get a wiff of my ironing scent, I dated one guy who got so aroused he stole my iron when we broke up… lol



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