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How can I build a door frame ?

Does your door stick onto your floor whenever you close or open it? This just means that you need to replace your hinges or make a new doorframe. It is very easy to make a doorframe; it is just framed into an old pattern of 2x4s along with some hardware. In building a doorframe, you will need parallel studs, level, doorjamb, interior molding, tab and knob mechanism, wood shims, hinges and door.

First, take measurements of your door; you should know the dimensions before starting with your project. Add one to two inches allowance on all sides. Set up your parallel studs with a width space, cut them in height, and connect them at the top by adding a crossbeam. Place your doorjamb and panels on the hinges where you will hang your door.

Put marking on the location of your door’s hinges as well as the knob and tab mechanism on the other side of the door. Check your doorway’s plumb using a level. If it’s not leveled, you can use wooden shims to make it right. Add your doorframe’s interior molding. Remember to leave the edges free allowing the door to swing either inward or outward. Install the hinges on the right side of your frame and connect your door. Again, make some adjustments on the plumb if your door is not properly leveled.

Install the tab and knob mechanism making sure it is on the right height to make it click when the door is closed. If ever you have a latch mechanism, remember not to let the door hanging on the hinges diagonally. If you are having a hard time to level your door right, you can use a thin sheet of wood or any material in between the frame and the jamb until you get the door’s proper position.

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