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How do I reface a cabinet ?

Cabinet refacing, as its name suggest, is a process involved in veneering or replacing cabinet parts that are visible. As such, cabinet cases stay in their existing layout, but receive a new veneered finish. Cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other cabinet parts visible are replaced completely. The new decoration is usually complemented with new hardware and trimmings.

If you want a new look to your cabinets without straining your budget, cabinet refacing gives a room a new look. Once you decide to reface your cabinets, you get to keep their existing structure, but add new drawer fronts, exterior surfaces, cabinet doors and cabinet hardware. Although commonly used in kitchens, cabinet refacing can be used in any room with cabinets, allowing you to rework a room with a facelift and without spending too much money or time.

The great thing about cabinet refacing is that any amateur carpenter could do it, even without home remodeling experience. Since refacing your cabinets make it easy to coordinate new wall paint or flooring, it has become an option for anyone looking for a do-it-yourself alternative to updating a room.

Imagination is the key to cabinet refacing. If you only have a few hours to spare, you could work on the cabinets by covering it with veneer. If you have plenty of time to spare, you can work on a more complicated project, which might involve removing all drawers and doors, then replacing it with brighter or fancier surfaces to give a more dramatic change to the room.

While refacing your cabinets, you could also work on other improvements to make your kitchen more easier to use. Rollout shelving for pots, a lazy Susan or self-closing hinges could help you move more swiftly when working the kitchen and gives you more cabinet to use.

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  1. Rick said :

    If you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets. We produce rollout shelving to existing cabinet sizes. We also carry a full line of Lazy Susans.


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