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How can I paint cabinet correctly ?

A fairly easy and cheap remodeling option for a bathroom or kitchen is to paint cabinets. Applying a fresh coat of paint to cabinets will give it a fresher look and will provide a new look to the entire room. While painting cabinets is simple, it is a long process that is done in stages, so keep in mind that whenever you are painting cabinets, it is a great idea to set aside a few days.

A great to paint cabinets is to start by gathering the necessary tools – several paint brushes and rags, painting tape, paper towels for clean-up, floor protection, a can of primer and a can or two of glossy paint. Set up several working tables covered with newspaper to protect its surface. This is where you will be painting the cabinet doors. The next step is to disassemble the cabinets in a systematic manner. Take off all the doors as well as the hinges. Set all the elements aside along with their corresponding screws and place it in a small bag. Taking the time to do this will make everything organized and the reassembling phase will be much easier.

Before painting the cabinets, you need to have them ready. If the old paint or wood finish is very smooth and glossy, you need some mild sanding to make the new paint adhere more easily. After the doors and surfaces of the cabinets are roughened, clean them with water and soap from top to bottom. Take off any debris, dusts, cobwebs, or build-up. When the cabinets have dried completely, place a painting tape next to the edges of the cabinets on the walls, floors, counter tops or other surfaces. This will prevent paint going where you do not want it. Lay all doors flat on a table covered with surface protection.

Apply the primer evenly and start painting your cabinet any desired color when dried. Wait at least twenty-four hours for the paint to dry before placing the hinges back and reassembling the cabinet. Remember to tighten the hinges for the door to hang correctly.

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