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How much does a horse cost on DIY?

How much on average does it cost you monthly to keep a horse on DIY in the summer and winter?
Thanks x

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6 Responses to “How much does a horse cost on DIY?”

  1. Samantha said:

    It depends where you live and the type of yard you want to keep your horse at. My yard, in Berkshire, is £44 a week DIY not including anything like hay, straw or feed. That all comes to about £15 a week so its expensive. And then theres insurance and shoes and the vets….but my yard has amazing facilities. You can get DIY for £15 a week, thats the lowest price i found, but this yard was really dirty, with barbed wire everyone and the lovely stench of ammonia and i wouldnt want to live there so i wouldnt let my horse. If you find just a standard livery yard down south though, i would expect to pay about £35 a week minimum for a yard with a school and decent enough stables. Not including hay straw or feed.

    But i used to live in Yorkshire and i had a horse on full livery there for £35 a week, the yard wasnt as nice as my one here though, but that sort of shows the price differences!! Full livery at my yard here is £165 a week!!

    The price of the stable doesnt change throughout summer, though you may not have to pay for the straw and the hay if your horse is turned out.

    Hope this is of help to you 🙂

  2. anitap said:

    i keep my horse at home summer and winter.
    He would cut his hocks on the floor of his stable so we bought rubber mats for him,
    €240 (once off)
    Per Week

    Sawdust 2 bags a week is 10*2= €20
    Pegasus coll and cooked 8*2= €16
    Apples and carrots € 5
    Total per week for summer is =€41 multiply by 4 is €164 a month
    (Winter Only)
    Haylage from local farmer 7*2= €14
    Bran after hunting one bag did the whole winter €4
    Total for the winter is €41+€18= €59 €59 multiply by 4 is €236 a month

    And that’s before you ever have a farrier to him, dentist, or vet.
    Then you have to buy tack, and transport.
    Horses are not cheap and the more you have the more it hurts your pocket! but if you love them they are worth every penny!!!

  3. Elloo said:

    Depends where you live.
    A livery yard near me is only £25 a week and that offers free straw a stable and grazing, aswell as use of an indoor & outdoor school and a Xc course as far as i am aware.

    i live in scotland 🙂

  4. Ell' said:

    I’m lucky where I am because it’s only £15 a week, so that’s all it costs in summer and in winter, I buy in my own feed and straw at £1.20 a bale and hay at £2.75 a bale. Prices vary from place to place depending on location and facilities, some places can be up to £40 a week or more even! And others as little as £15, the last yard I was at was £25 a week. Look around and just compare different places and see what you get best fro your money, Good luck 🙂 xx

  5. Vivien said:

    I hate it when people have horses in the field and just leave them there in the winter with no cover or propper stable ( and nothing over their back either and its wet and freezing cold ! ) – the poor animals look so cold and forlorn. – It makes you wonder why the owners had them if they cant afford or be bothered to care for them. – Think the RSPCA inspectors should be driving around and doing more checks on some of these poor animals.

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