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Should I decorate my home?

The do-it-yourself trend has gained momentum. Home improvement is no exception. More homeowners are choosing to put their personal mark on their space by taking charge of their own interior design. Doing your own home décor is cost effective, and a great way to insure that your vision comes alive in your home. Here are some tips to make your next home makeover project successful.

1. Select a Theme. This may sound cheesy, but decorating around a theme is a great way to bring focus to your home décor project. Need help? Go with what you know. Love the ocean? Go with a nautical theme. Like casual flair? Consider something in the shabby chic realm. Don’t want you home to look like you used a theme? Go eclectic.

2. Set your budget. Know how much you are able to spend before you hit that home improvement store or design gallery. Then stick to it. This may mean only replacing a few pieces to create your look, or it may mean a scaled down version of your vision is in order. Set your spending limit based on what’s available, the current trends and costs, and you will save yourself sticker shock later.

3. Set a color scheme. Choose a light, medium, and dark color to compliment and complete your color look. The three colors should compliment each other, and tie in with your overall theme. Your light color will be your background, and walls will likely be painted in this color. Your medium color will be used for large furniture and window treatments. Your accessories should be in your darkest color.

It is personally satisfying to define one’s space. DIY interior design allows you to personalize your home to suit your personal needs, at a fraction of what it might cost to hire a consultant and contractors. With a little persistence, you can have that look you have always dreamed of, without the nightmarish cost.

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