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What is the worst DIY job, you have done? All types of trade questions, have been asked by people unskilled.?

Too many people ask questions, to DIY. In the hope that they may have the skill, of a competant, skilled, Qualified tradesperson. Unfortunatly some with probable cause for alarm. Top marks for the worst or most amusing!

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6 Responses to “What is the worst DIY job, you have done? All types of trade questions, have been asked by people unskilled.?”

  1. upset mom said :

    After my house burned down, my family (me and 2 boys) lived in an RV in the backyard for a year while the house was being rebuilt. RV’s are not connected to the sewer system, and though we had a port-a-potty next to the RV, the boys refused to use it on a regular basis. Every week the port-a-potty company would come to empty the reservoir and would hold the suction hose to the tank on the RV to empty what was accumulated in the “waste” tank. The hose did not seal with the reservoir tank, and I would have to crawl under the RV to turn the release valve. Guess what happened every time I crawled under to turn the valve? Disgusting!!

  2. edgarrrw said :

    I was going to relay my bathroom flooring one piece lanolium, well everything was going well until i had cut it upside down so the finish side was not on top, sup rise! but it fit so well i laid it in there anyway to make me feel better until the professionals came to laugh!

  3. zxcv said :

    i put black caulking around the tub to stop water leaking…. it loooks bad but works….lol

  4. mr danger said :

    Soldering copper pipe joints under a house in Texas. I’m working alone in a crawl space , flat on my back, when the local arachnid population decides to show up en mass . It just so happens that I’m allergic to bee stings and I was wondering if scorpions and spiders fell into that category also.
    I had to get the job done But man I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  5. tonyfarquar said :

    I window frame in and sealed round it with caulk so I could paint over it but it rained through the night and it washed it all out. No more diy for me.

  6. taketwo said :

    artexting the ceiling


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