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What sizes of drill-bit are most useful for general interior DIY ?

I want to buy some drill bits for my cordless drill (non masonary type). I’ve already got a set of drill bits but its too big and clumsy to keep in the drill bag.

If I wanted a selection of the “most common” sizes for little jobs around the home… like to drill in to plaster to put a plug in and fit something general like this…

What sizes would be best to have handy. (I want to get say 3 x each of the best sizes so I have replacements ready in case they blunt or break). I doubt I would need the really big massive drill bits anyway.

Thanks Doobie 🙂

However what confuses me is that in UK at the site I shop at they only offer sizes in “mm”.

Example: 3mm (which is probably too small for use with a plug maybe?)

< easily confused

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13 Responses to “What sizes of drill-bit are most useful for general interior DIY ?”

  1. doobie true said :

    The three most common are 1/8, 3/16, 1/4. That is all you need for most projects. You will want a 3/8 and 7/16 for larger holes. But those won’t be used as much.

  2. boy boy said :

    if you are going to drill and plug walls then you will need some masonry bits .as a builder i have drilled that many holes i have lost count ..but i buy at least 10000 screws per year ..for normal drilling i use a 6,5 mm drill and use brown plugs ..i know you should use a size 8 for brown plugs ..but trust me here ..the brown plugs go in nice and tight and they give great grip ..give it a try !

  3. joopster8505 said :

    I would say to look at the sets they have available, even in a catalog, and go from there. I do remodeling, and I use a large number of different sizes. If you’re not sure what you’ll be doing, look at several different set boxes, and pick up the most common of those. Personally I would just buy the set. Smaller bits break easier.
    Good luck!

  4. willis said :

    as a diy enthausiast i use a wide vareity of drill bits and would reconmend buying a set of bits these come in many vareities of casees but i found a set in a folding breifcase covers my every need, and by having a good selection of bits you are never left looking for the right size bit at a vital moment.

  5. mick shaw said :

    The most used drill bits are …. 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm.

  6. murray said :

    4mm 6mm 8mm would cover 80% of jobs either masonary or twist bits rawlplug colours are yellow number 8 red no 10 brown no 12drill see instructions on packets & size drills to use good luck & be safe d i y on dude !!

  7. huw said :

    6mm or 6.5mm

  8. ryananddom128 said :

    most jobs will use a brown plug for these a 7mm drill bit is best, for smaller screws and lighter jobs use a 5.5mm drill bit and red plugs hope this helps

  9. JIM M said :

    depends on the make of rawlplug,
    brown plugs can be 7 or 8mm
    red plugs can be 5.5 or 6mm
    youve also got to take into consideration the state of the walls, if its a wall thats live, then allways start with a smaller drill bit then needed and try the plug,if too tight, enlarge

  10. Kernow Lover said :

    most nylon plugs are sold by colour:-
    BROWN plugs need a 7-8mm masonry bit and take a screw size between no.8 to no.10 imperial, 4 or 5 metric.
    RED plugs need a 6-7mm masonry bit and take a screw size between no. 6 to no. 7 imperial 3 or 3.5 metric.
    YELLOW plugs need a 4-5mm masonry bit and take a screw size 4 imperial 2 or 2.5 metric.
    depending on what you are drilling into decides what plug to use, ie: soft block-work use the smaller of the two bits to get a tighter fit with the plug.

  11. andrew f said :

    While you’re out shopping, get yourself a countersinking bit for wood, so that the tops of your screwheads will be level with the surface.

  12. terry h said :

    I’d say get all the sizes from 8mm and under.

  13. woodworker143 said :

    I do a lot of diy, and if I had to choose only one drill it would be a 7mm, ideal size for those brown wall plugs. But why stick to one , go and treat yourself to a set 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm


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