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Wood carving is cool, it relaxes me and clears the darkness that work puts it my mind, however?

However, I also play the guitar and secretly go metal detecting, my friends and family find my carving highly amusing, when you sell ‘porta cabins’ for a living you really need something to take your mind away to somewhere else, hopefully one day I can jack in my job and travel around the world earning a living by busking and selling my carved lizards (which are my speciality) but I will carve just about anything, and apart from when the neighbours complained about the snow storm of wood chips that have been blowing around the street I have harmed no-one! So I ask what is so wrong with this?, why am i ridiculed or am I just deluded?

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3 Responses to “Wood carving is cool, it relaxes me and clears the darkness that work puts it my mind, however?”

  1. Biblins said :

    Because your friends and family lack imagination and ambition. Good for you, I wish you every success in achieving your ambition mate.

  2. Mrs Badgrumbles said :

    Well you could mulch the wood carvings and then offer them to people in your area as compost. I would love to take up carving. The idea of whittling wood seems a meaningful thing to me. Don’t give up the dream.

  3. ian b said :

    You are probably ridiculed because they would be boiling over with jealousy if you actually did manage to bugger off and do what you want.
    I bet they’re secretly jealous now, bet they can’t carve a lizard.

    When I told my ex-wife I wanted to stop selling excavators and move into care work she threatened me with divorce. My reply was “OK divorce me”. Now I’m a manager in a home for autistic adolescents, and happily single!


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