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Wood this work for my PS3?

Ok I have a 40GB PS3 but the 60GB ones play PS2 games so if I got a faulty 60GB and swapped the part and put it in my 40GB wood it be able to play PS2 games ?

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7 Responses to “Wood this work for my PS3?”

  1. C Gutta said :

    it would be really hard

  2. eamundo said :

    should do but if it dosent get a new 60gb hardrive there not alot of mony

  3. spooon56 said :

    what is faulty with it. the only thing you can swap is the hard drive. if the 60 has other issues it’s not worth the hassle as something else is broken.

  4. [email protected] said :

    why not just use your PS2? lol

  5. martin.masson said :


    It WOULD be very hard. But it WOULD work in theory, yes.

  6. Koushan K said :

    not worth the hassle.

    1. BIG chance of breaking your ps3.
    2, voids you warranty after it’s been opened.
    3.just why?
    4. arent ps2’s like $30? is it really worth risking a $500 dollar machine just because of $30?

  7. i love jonnyboy! x-X-x said :

    I never know the answers lol…….Love you


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