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What type of play would this come under?

Hi observed child at wood work bench, while at bench they are only aloud to hammer nails into a piece of wood( don’t have any other materials), just wondering what type of play this would come under & how it could be extended? Any advice would be great ,thanks

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2 Responses to “What type of play would this come under?”

  1. yourhonour63 said :

    I’m not sure how one would categorize woodworking. Woodworking is really it’s own kind of play, although some children might incorporate dramatic play into it, if they are pretending to be a construction worker or something like that.

    Ideas for extension
    -build abstract sculptures that children can take to the art area to paint or add glitter or other things to
    -build things that could be used in other areas, like the housekeeping area

  2. Hanseugen said :

    That would be called playing with your shelf.


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