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Has anyone any experience of Tubby DIY Bath paint?

Has anyone any experience of Tubby DIY Bath paint?

Our enamel bath badly needs attention and we have bought a Tubby DIY resurfacing kit. Has anyone any advice to give on the process or the final product? Any ideas would be much appreciated

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5 Responses to “Has anyone any experience of Tubby DIY Bath paint?”

  1. Ruphus B Tripehound said :

    never used that brand…..but 9 times out of 10 its better to buy anew bath

  2. DAVE W said :

    JUST RENEW-IT Tub & Tile REGLAZING / REFINSHING / RESURFACING JUST …BATHTUB & TILE REGLAZING. LEARN REGLAZING! Click Here to Get our reglazing training video and learn to earn! TUB & TILE REGLAZING / RESURFACING … – 85k – Cached – Similar pages

    Have had this done to cover a real old Brady Bunch Blue tub into white it worked great!!
    I found a company in our local phone book named Bath Creast i don’t know if a chain or not but check out your book also.

  3. D Stuart said :

    Yea, don’t do it. Hire a professional. Search online. Miracle Method appears to be the best, at least their website has lots of information

  4. Ian said :

    Look at these youtube videos to see how others have done it – its easy and effective

  5. Ian said :

    TUBBY is a great product, easy to apply!

    Visit these Youtube sites for aplication reference


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