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How can I build a dance studio ?

A fun way of staying healthy while bonding with your love ones is dancing. If one of your kids has a potential to be a great dancer, you can enhance your talent better if you have the appropriate place to practice. You can make your own dance studio at home with the right materials, tools and a little planning.

In making your own dance studio, you will need wood flooring, mirrors, stereo, Barres and Marley. Check the available space in your house and see where you want to build your dance studio. It can be in any room in your house or in your garage. Make sure to choose a location where loud noise will not be a problem. Know the type of dance you or any member of your family wants to excel on to estimate the amount of space you need for your studio.

The sturdiness of your dance floor depends on the style of dance. You can lay the flooring yourself or you can hire a contractor for the wood flooring installation. You can also add Marley covering in your dance floor that you can get online or in flooring shops. Hang the mirrors on the wall of your dance studio that you can purchase in a dance supply sites or hire a certain glass company to install them for you.

Now, install ballet bars on both sides of your dance studio. You do not have to purchase the real one. You can use brackets and handrails that you can buy in any home supply to save some money. Finally, place a sound system in your own dance studio and start the fun.

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  1. Richard said :

    I’d recommend a sprung hardwood dance floor which we have often fitted in client’s homes. One good system is Junckers flooring on a foam backed batten. To keep costs down we often supply and fit reclaimed Junkers flooring with secondhand battens (also good for environment).It’s important to have the floor sprung to the right degree so as not to cause injury.


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