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How can I replace my toilet?

Many people have difficulty replacing their toilet to make way for their bathroom makeover. The difficulty doesn’t lie on their inability to solve a complicated puzzle, but more on the resources and planning needed to properly take the toilet down.

Before taking it out, make sure to clean your toilet thoroughly, as it may drip or leak while being transported out of the bathroom. Put away possible obstructions between the toilet and the doorway as well. You can use a dolly or wheelbarrow to transport the toilet so as to prevent it from leaking and staining your carpet and floors.

As soon as you have prepared for its departure, you need to prepare to dislodge it. You will need are an adjustable wrench to close the water supply prior to taking it out. After completely stopping the water, flush the toilet a few times so as to empty the toilet and the tank of water. Use the wrench to disconnect the water supply line and the tank.

Standard toilets usually have two long bolts in each side of the bowl and seat. These are held into place by nuts, and protected by plastic caps. The latter can be removed by hand, while the nuts need to be removed via pliers or wrench. After removing the nuts, gently rock the bowl assembly and the tank so as to loosen the seal underneath.

It helps to have an additional hand when attempting the next step. Have one of your friends stand at a ready with a cloth or a lid, while you grasp the toilet and pull it up to dislodge the anchor bolts or toilet screws. While putting the old toilet on the dolly or wheelbarrow, instruct your friend to cover the central pipe that leads to the sewage system. This should prevent the release of noxious gases. You may also purchase a professional cap from plumbing stores to seal the central pipe off.

Finally, you need to bring in the new toilet. Scrape the wax seal out and replace it with another one in preparation for the installation of a new toilet. It’s quite as easy as the first – just do the steps in reverse and you can enjoy your new toilet.

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