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How to take acrylic varnish off plain wood ikea furniture?

I’ve already tried chemicals and a sanding machine, and it doesn’t work – sanding with corse sanding paper by hand is the only thing that works but after 2 hours of hard work, only half a plank was done…can’t face doing the whole thing like that…Help! Thanks! ps. “Hemnes” type furniture varnish

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3 Responses to “How to take acrylic varnish off plain wood ikea furniture?”

  1. ray j said :

    it sounds like a two pack varnish that is very hard finish and hard wearing i dont know what you can use apart from varnish stripper it will do it but is messy you have to wash wood with meths after using stripper to nutralize stripper and light sand as meths will raise the grain

  2. welshy said :

    Acrylic Nail Varnish Remover!

  3. Ronnie B said :

    I would use a belt sander and then a plane sander with a 180 paper in it!


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