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how much can i expecty to pay for?

a flat roof for my house, including all wood work and boards and felt? the house is 7metres by 8 metres wide,

also if there are any roofers out there, how much can i expect to pay for an apex roof to be put on this house? including trusses joists etc,

the reason i ask is because i am buying a house that has a flat roof and it leaks, so i have to think about the cost to either replace the flat roof or put an apex on,

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2 Responses to “how much can i expecty to pay for?”

  1. Aces'n'eights said :

    Firstly, I’d replace the flat with an apex, you can create a whole new liveable area to your house that way, (planning permisssion required)
    As to the cost, which country you’re in will dictate that.
    UK I’d guess at least £18000 to replace the entire roof with an apex, but I may be wrong.

  2. pete said :

    call a contractor and get an estimate- guessing at least $20,000 in us maybe more. can you do it yourself? save at least 1/2


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