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If you won the lottery, how many new friends would you have?

If you won the lottery how many new friends would suddenly climb out of the wood work?,,,,,and also what would you do with all your money, id have a new house car boat,and take flying lessons wouldn’t it be nice?

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15 Responses to “If you won the lottery, how many new friends would you have?”

  1. Donna said :

    Oh loads i would think and i would take great pride in telling them all where to get off!.

    id set up my friends and family and move my partner over here, they live in another country and its money thats kept us apart for 3 years! x

  2. dialga101 said :

    i would buy a mansion witha pool 8 bathrooms 200 rooms ps2 ps3 ps1 ds dsi xbox xbox360 gamecube and everything else

  3. Very Rude Man said :

    None, because I wouldnt be fecking stupid enough to tell anyone, or appear in the Sun like a grinning twat alongside some talentless slapper girl band member.

  4. said :

    Ahh love these questions!

    I would of course buy a big house but not too big! Get some proper security and have a swimming pool full of jelly fresh every day and maybe warm on some days. Then i would get a wrestling cage and get all of those “so called friends” and make them fight to the death for £50,000.
    Also a few cars…oh yeah and naked chicks.


  5. cake space said :

    None. All the people will try to get your money, and at the end of the day when you don’t have money anymore, that’s when you see your real friends.

    If I have that money, I will donate 10% to the poor and 90%? I will travel around the world and meet people. Once I’m back, I will buy properties in my country and buy businesses.

    Sounds like a dream, but if it’s meant to be, any of us has a chance… good luck..

  6. Coach Woody said :

    Hmmmm…..with the intention behind this question, I can at least envision one LESS new friend.

  7. soumenp said :

    Please do add me in your friend list whenever you win the lottery. 🙂

  8. ? said :

    I think I would have lots of people who would want to be my friend family also would all of a sudden become a favorite family member from way back when.
    If I won loads of money? Of course I would go a little crazy but for the most part I would do the most common I would buy a nice but not extravagant house,a nice car and truck,brand new everything materialistic (such as clothes,furniture,dishes,accessories).Not so much jewelry (i’ve never been 1 to wear a whole lot anyway and it poses a threat for robbery). I would probably buy recreational vehicles 1 or 2. I would give some money to closest family and friends that have always helped me out and was there before and would be there after the money. I would make sure my children’s education and some comfort throughout their lives but would want them to experience the real world in case they were to be thrown into it suddenly again. I would also like to get a program to help people with really bad luck in life and just needed that extra little help.

  9. nicholas said :

    none because i will move to america and won’t talk to them again >=]

  10. jwbovftn9d said :

    Piles of new friends that will disappear once the money runs out.

    A lot of lottery winners spend well beyond what they need and there are a lot of stories of people burning right through their winnings and end up worse off after the money is gone.

  11. David C said :

    I have enough great family and existing friends.

    No new friends as I would buy a mansion with a long driveway, fences, security, cameras and neighbors who were richer than I was. LOL I would also help charities and one off people in dire need anonymously

    I would tour the world, buy a boat and plane, learn to navigate, learn to fly a plane.

    Once I got bored I would set up business training people how in invest for themselves, manage money and save for their future and help poorer people to get things that usually excluded them, like to buy their own home and move to a better area, better jobs through career training. Giving people goals, dreams they can achieve and help them to do that.

  12. hobbiegirl said :

    if i ever won the lottery then i would make sure that my family were set up for life,then i would have a house built,buy a nice car,have a holiday in the usa,i would set up a Business breading horses and also i would set up an westie rescue center.

  13. John W said :

    I’d probably try to be real scarce for a year so everyone has a chance to forget and focus on whatever else is in the news. Basically an extended vacation.

    I would see it as a chance to establish financial independence for myself and for my family. There’ll be plenty of time for houses, cars and boats once the money is making more money for you, the last thing you need is to be stuck paying property taxes on a mansion after your winnings have already been spent. Winning the lottery would be a great opportunity to become established but is hardly the end point in itself.

  14. Tim said :

    i would say you would have more friends than the amount of money you won in the lottery.
    i would by a big a** house nice car and just go and explore the whole world with a special some one. Also i like the flying lessons idea cuz i remember watching 2012 and it might come handy some time lol

  15. FAH-Q said :

    71 all virgins..better than a suicide bomber


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