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how much to have a wood burning stove installed in my house.?

i can do some work myself. but i want it to be legal, i have a gas stove now and the house has never had a wood stove, i can buy a old wood stove cheap there are many in the area. and i can get wood free some times and gas prices are very high i no i can save money this way.

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2 Responses to “how much to have a wood burning stove installed in my house.?”

  1. Carl said:

    Really depends on the quality of the pipe used. Stainless steal is the best. Double wall pipe can cost 50 dollars for just a few feet. You might look into building a chimney too.
    If you run it for your main heat you will get all the money back.
    Cheep stove pipe that will rust out with time fairly fast cost about 4 dollars a foot single wall. You need a double wall pipe to get it through the wall.

  2. handy man said:

    I have a wood outdoor boiler and have not bought a drop of oil in five years! I can understand that you want to save money. One thing you can do to save yourself about 40% over your gas stove is put in an oil or caraseen stove such as a Monitor heator. They are direct vent (one hole through the wall) and not alot of work to install. Although gas is very clean and efficient, as much as 96% efficient. Oil can save you money. Oil is only about 85% efficient, but a gallon of oil has about 40,000 btu more heat per gallon that gas about 30% more heat. I don’t remember exactly where I saw it but if you search the webb for lowest cost feuls or something similar to that you can get the a formula to plug in the numbers. Cost of fuel, heating efficency,fuel type. This will give you accurate savings. My brother was going to put in gas heat and after I did the research for him and plug in the numbers he went with oil. Big savings 40% for him. And you won’t have to do the work involved with fire wood. If you want to go with wood you can get safty information from the local fire department as far as distances from combustable materals for your stove and pipe when you install that. They can also tell you where you need insulated pipe and where you can use regular stove pipe some fire dept will come to your house and go over these things with you. Cost of you pipe can be high depending on how much you need. If you want to be save use insulated pipe from your ceiling to the top of your chimney or put in a block chimney. Take a quick guess on lenth of pipe needed and call you local hardware store to get a quote on metalbestos (insulated pipe). An other thing to consider is flooring under you stove. Wood or carpet or vinal flooring mean you need something under you stove. Again your local hardware can get you what you need, just tell them what you are doing and they should be able to help. Cost can run from $1000 and up depending on your needs. Materals, help with a pro for cutting holes in ceiling and roof as well as flashing on the roof for water proofing. Labor is expensive! Please excuse my spelling not my strong point and spell check was not working.


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