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what is best gloss or egshell for wood work ? it is quite a modern house?

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5 Responses to “what is best gloss or egshell for wood work ? it is quite a modern house?”

  1. Paul in San Diego said :

    That depends on the what the wood is used for. If it’s door or window trim, a door itself, or baseboard or crown molding, go with a semigloss. If it’s something like a wooden beam in a ceiling, go with the eggshell. If it’s in a bathroom or kitchen, everything should be painted with semigloss to better repel moisture.

  2. Megan said :

    I would generally go with gloss!! x

  3. Taf said :

    The look of a mid-sheen is more popular; however, a gloss on the exterior is probably going to last longer. If you were to use a mid-sheen (eggshell,satin) on exterior then I woiuld recommend Sikkens Satura which is the only quality one I have come across.

    On interiors I would not use ‘eggshell’ on wood. Eggshell was not originally meant for wood. 30 yrs ago everyone put gloss on wood and as water-based emulsions were not hardwearing or any good on bathroom walls and the like, oil-based eggshells were created. In the 80’s people liked the look of eggshell on their interior woodwork even though it had to be repainted more often (as it was meant for walls). Nowadays, we have much better water-based eggshells for bathroom walls and Dulux make a proper interior mid-sheen wood paint called Satinwood. And it is a great paint. So traditional oil-based eggshell has been redundant for many years, even though people, including decorators, persist with it.

    So I would use Sikkens Rubbol (gloss) or Sikkens Satura (eggshell) on exteriors (or interiors) and Dulux Satinwood on interiors. The trade version of Satinwood is worth buying over the retail version you will get in B&Q, homebase etc. You will get it all at Brewers.

  4. big owl said :

    I would go for gloss

  5. david m said :

    The `new generation` eggshells are pretty tough and I think look much better than gloss. Have a look at the Farrow and Ball range of oil based eggshell, wonderful colours and look good in newer homes. You`ll pay a bit extra for the quality but it`s well worth it. Happy decorating.


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