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What colour granite worktop would work well with maple (v. light wood) units?

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22 Responses to “What colour granite worktop would work well with maple (v. light wood) units?”

  1. C.J said :

    dark grey or black

  2. cyndiecyndie said :

    Well — the instyle thing to do is a darker color — more towards black. But they have BEAUTIFUL granite pieces out there that have that darker black color that is the accent to a beautiful brown (almsot chocloate brown) They are simply gorgeous. Candace Olsen usualy does this ( — divine design). she has great ideas…good luck!!!

  3. Kevin O said :


  4. jimbolittle said :

    I personally would go with black granite. If you pick a colour that is close to the maple then it will clash. Contrast is good in an area that’s used alot. The black-on-beige will suit you to a tea. And it’s easy to find appliances that will go with it.

  5. mkaamsel said :


  6. castell said :

    I don’t think any thing looks more effective than black.
    If you ever decided to change your doors black will still go with whatever you chose

  7. Carol B said :

    Personally with light units i would use a dark top.

  8. LOU H said :

    Ive just had new maple units and a black marble worktop it looks fab.

  9. james m said :

    You would be better using a dark granite like black which has very little veins through it .

  10. wheeliebin said :

    Defo dark grey thats what we have, it matches well.

  11. missluly said :

    My parent have light coloured wood units and black worktop (terracotta floor tiles), and I think it looks really nice.

  12. ANF said :

    Go for the beige colour as it will tone in nicely with the maple.
    When you have your granite work top be very carefull how you use it as it can show scratches from knives and other kitchen tools dragged over it.
    Use chopping blocks and other protection otherwise your very expensive work top will soon look shabby.
    The beige one will not show the blemishes as much as the shiny black.
    Because they are so cool they are perfect for making and rolling pastry on.

  13. jwagner900 said :

    Try Ooba Tooba or Baltic Brown

  14. Lynne B said :

    Stick with something in the beige or black tones…I have that combination and it looks awesome good luck!

  15. franja said :

    Personally I would go as dark as possible for worktops.

    My kitchen is white and I opted for black granite for my worktops as an accent colour.

    I have marble ‘chopping boards’ dotted about the kitchen.

    My floor is grey granite and the whole room works beautifully.

  16. Maggie said :

    Please don`t go for black ,everyone has it ,depends on the flooring .
    Red granite ,colour not the actual granite is lovely ,it`s warm
    I am now having my kitchen fitted with shaker cream,coudn`t make up my mind,
    first went with a dark colour ,summer light put`s different perspective on it ,think of winter also and Christmas time ,it will be so warm ,I`m going for the gloss with one wall to match the colour ,hope you choose the right one good luck with the mess ,,ha ha

  17. mike j said :

    You’d need a dark colour to emphasise your light maple wood

  18. Sam said :

    I would say dark gray.

  19. Lady said :

    Dark green.

  20. Sally said :

    Can you please advise which colour and type of wall tiles will be suited in my kitchen with black granite worktop and broadoak kitchen units.

  21. Eleanor said :

    Can someone suggest what type and colour of wall tiles would look best with natural oak shaker style units and a black galaxy granite work surface (sparkly).

  22. John said :

    Just had black granite worktops installed. We were told not to clean the tops until the next day (securing mastic setting). When cleaning we noticed an area of discolouration 6 x 5 mm in on of the tops has anyone any advice or helpful comment please.


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