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How can I make a cat tree ?

A cat tree is a great source of endless amazing time for your feline friend, as well as an attractive piece of furniture. However, many people refrain from purchasing them for their cats due to its high cost. Luckily, it is very easy to built one on your own, which can also give your feline the same fun they would get from a store-purchased tree for more than less the price.

To make a cat tree, you will need a few carpet tubes, a sheet of plywood or particle board, old carpet, staples, jute ropes, wood glue and nails. Some of the necessary tools are circular saw, staple gun and a hole saw. Then, think of the design you want your cat tree to have. Set up a wood stand where your cat tree will be sitting. Remember that your stand should be wider than the cat tree you will be building to insure stability. Cover the stand with carpet suing a staple or glue on the lower side. Then, attach a segment of carpet tube that you have cut using a circular saw.

Next, cover the main house for your cat with carpet both inside and outside. Do your best to use only wood glue in carpeting the house and only use staples if necessary. The cats may scratch the walls of their house and injure their claws if they hit hard objects like staples. Make sure that there are no nails protruding the house for the safety of your cats.

After fixing the structure of your cat tree, start wrapping the carpet tube with jute rope. This will serve as your kitties scratching post. Add wood glue on the carpet tube as your wrap it with jute rope to hold it in place. This process may take much longer than using staples, but this will ensure the safety of your kitties.

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