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if you are not allowed top do your own electrical or plumbing why do diy stores still sell all manner of products so diyers can still do it themselves

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  1. curios said :

    you can do some things and anyway rules were made to be broken

  2. magoojess said :

    Who says you’re not allowed or is that a ploy to tell the wives?

  3. sparkey said :

    you can do ypour own diy but there are limits to what you can do

  4. Beccy-Boo said :

    You can do the work yourself , but a qualified tradesman has to approve it. for insurances purpose.

  5. Michael J said :

    Recently, some towns and cities have their requirements for permit work listed online. You can check to see what you can do without a permit. A lot of the permit work you can do yourself also, unless they’ve made it a law requireing a licensed person to do it. Stuff like changing a fuse box for example needs a licensed electrician. Running waste pipes from home to city system needs a licensed master plumber.

    Most stuff you can do yourself. if you know how.

  6. si_d said :

    Plumbing is still possible for the “layman”
    Part P of the building regulations is what you are thinking of, for the electrical side
    There are still some things that can be undertaken by the DIY’er, without needing qualified personnel to authorise the work
    If they do anything outside of the limits, they are still able to do it, however the electrical side still needs to be certified by a Part P qualified person

  7. Paul T said :

    Basically a couple of years ago they brought in Part P regs, which covers Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardens, and Garages. You aren’t supposed to install anything in these areas, unless it has been certified by a qualified person. You can still install these items, but as long as the professional certifies these for you, you are OK…..Just what it….the home buyers reports will pick things like this up!

  8. r m said :

    you can do your own plumbing.
    exception the gas feeds, burners and flues etc of gas appliances. there is some debate as to whether you can do gas in your own home but you would be daft to unless you could prove yourself competent, possibly in court
    if you want to add a bathroom or similar you did and still do, according to building regs at my local council, need consent. if you change like for like you dont need approval. some competent person schemes in operation but of questionable value
    lots of other plumbing must be done properly under building regs and water regs or you could be prosecuted. you can do it just make sure its right.
    electrical has various non-notifiable items which you can do in your own home. lots of other stuff you have to get done or tested or both by a part p qualified person or you can get some done through an application to building control at local council

  9. Pauline said :

    The only think that you cannot DIY (by law) is commission a gas appliance.
    Nothing to stop you doing heating & plumbing and all electrical work can be done via a building control notice.
    And there is no such thing as Part P qualified; It’s a registration scheme…

  10. Jim W said :

    An owner, in their own occupied dwelling can be allowed to do their own electrical or plumbing by code, but it must be inspected by the AHD, after completion to assure compliance and workman like manner.


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